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Core Values

We believe that great companies control their destiny and we aspire to be best in class by continually seeking ways to improve our business units.

Achieving Excellence Together      

  • We are a Progressive Lloyd’s Syndicate owned by Fairfax Financial
    • We are an established syndicate trading since 1974
    • We have longevity and commitment to relationships with our clients
    • We are also a new market in some of our chosen classes
    • We have made a significant long-term investment in our infrastructure by strengthening our Claims, Actuarial, Exposure Management and Risk and Compliance Teams
    • We have added Marine Insurance, Property Binding Authority, Accident & Health and Bespoke Underwriting teams
    • We have strengthened our Property, Energy and Terrorism Insurance teams 
    • We remain fully committed to the Reinsurance classes

Fairfax core values are:

  • Honesty and integrity are essential in all our relationships and will never be compromised.
  • We are results oriented-not political.
  • We are team players-no “egos”. A confrontational style is not appropriate. We value loyalty-to Fairfax and our colleagues.
  • We are hard working but not at the expense of our families.
  • We always look at opportunities but emphasise downside protection and look for ways to minimise loss of capital.
  • We are entrepreneurial. We encourage calculated risk taking. It is all right to fail but we should learn from our mistakes.
  • We will never bet the company on any project or acquisition.
  • We believe in having fun-at work!